Choosing an ‘expert’ in parental alienation in the UK

Some psychologists claim to be ‘experts’ in parental alienation. Some are, but most aren’t. If you are selecting an expert for your case (whether you are parent, advocate or other professional), then consider the following –

  1. Ensure that your expert psychologist is a HCPC-registered practitioner psychologist and has extensive post-qualification experience of providing advice or intervention in high-conflict disputes about contact and residence
  2. Ensure that your expert has extensive experience of evaluating cases of bona fide abuse versus parental alienation and is experienced in identifying which children have been abused, which children have been alienated, and which might best be considered ‘hybrid’
  3. Ensure that your proposed expert has a broad, comprehensive and contemporary understanding of the parental alienation and science, especially current science regarding legal and mental health interventions for parental alienation
  4. Ensure they have attended PA-specific training and/or provided training and/or presentations to legal and/or mental health professionals regarding parental alienation
  5. Ensure that your proposed expert is able to make recommendations for intervention to address parental alienation, including them having a full appreciation of the legal interventions available, such as change of residence