For parents

  • For instructions in relation to parental alienation, alienated children and parent-rejection the following apply –
    • My fees are always LAA compliant, regardless of whether or not the case is publicly funded
    • I am able to accept instructions involving self-funding parties, with the following stipulations –
      • I can only accept such instructions when the lead in the case is a solicitor, not a litigant-in-person parent. My instruction has to be coordinated by a solicitor
      • For self-funding parties I will provide an estimate of costs and I will require a 50% up-front payment on account, either directly to me or into their solicitor’s account, before I will commence any work in the matter. I will then complete all assessments and produce a report, along with a final invoice. I will require the outstanding fees to be settled before disclosure of my report
    • I am not able to assist any unrepresented parties in the completion of a Part 25 application, nor any other applications to the Court. This is because all instructions are joint instructions, and assisting one party with an application would compromise my independent status
    • I have limited capacity to offer advice to parents, but if I am available to do so then I will offer a brief (up to 10 minutes) consultation initially on the telephone. Any further consultations will be subject to normal costs, calculated on an hourly basis. Please be aware you are not permitted to disclose any Court material or specific details of your case to me without the express permission of the Court. To do so may constitute Contempt of Court. I will not review any papers sent to me unless a Court Direction/Order is attached which stipulates that such material or detail may be disclosed to me