For professionals

Expert reports for private law

  • Enquiries for availability, timescales and costs for expert psychologist reports in cases of parental alienation can initially be made through the online form on this website
  • A full CV is available if required
  • My fees are always LAA compliant, regardless of whether or not the case is publicly funded
  • I am able to accept instructions involving self-funding parties, with the following stipulations –
    • I can only accept such instructions when the lead in the case is a solicitor, not a litigant-in-person parent. My instruction has to be coordinated by a solicitor
    • For self-funding parties I will provide an estimate of costs and I will require a 50% up-front payment on account, either directly to me or into their solicitor’s account, before I will commence any work in the matter. I will then complete all assessments and produce a report, along with a final invoice. I will require the outstanding fees to be settled before disclosure of my report

Training and consultation

  • I am available to offer training and consultancy on parental alienation to individuals and organisations, including solicitors, barristers, the Judiciary, CAFCASS, Children’s Services and allied services (such as contact centres)